World Darts Championship Day 10

December 30, 2014
Stephen Wundke

After a 5 from 6 tipping day yesterday its time to get stuck in to the big games. Today’s six timer pays 36/1 so lets see how it works out


Peter Wright12.40 Peter Wright vs Andy Hamilton. There is no doubting Snakebite hasn’t been at his best but neither has Andy Hamilton in this tournament. Andy looks desperate and on edge and Wright looks like he is at ease with the surroundings but not 100% confident in his game. I think his belief will get him through today but it might be tougher after this meeting.

Our bet : 5 units win Peter Wright @ 3/10


Gary Anderson14.15 Gary Anderson vs Christo Reyes. This is a great draw for our pre-tournament pick, Anderson. He is such a confidence player and going in to this match he will believe he is better than the Spaniard. All credit to Christo, he is the first of his nation to ever get to the last 16 but the party ends today. Having said that, apart form some useful prize money there will be no shortage of visitors to his bar in Tenerife. Expect a strong show from Anderson in this one, when he is good, there is no-one better and Christo might just see how good he is today.

Our bet : 2 units win Gary Anderson -3.5 sets @ 6/4 


15.45 Dean Winstanley vs Vincent Van Der Voort – The closest contest of the day according to the odds layers. Vincent is the marginal favourite in a match that obviously could go either way. It’s all about who has the most demons to keep at bay. They both score similarly and they are both capable of big scores. It might just boil down to consistency and fight and I have a feeling that despite the head to head being 4-1 in the Dutchman’s favour that it is a more determined and resurgent Winstanley that will get through to the quarter finals.

Our bet : 3 units win Winstanley @ 11/10


Our morning treble : Wright @ 3/10, Anderson -3.5 sets @ 6/4 and Winstanley @ 11/10


The Evening Session

barney19.10 Adrian Lewis vs Raymond Van barneveld
. All our yesterdays as the big Dutchman rekindles all those flames from 3 years ago and takes on the most enigmatic Englishman playing today. Barney might have had a tricky couple of years but he has still won almost half a million pounds since 2012 and Jackpot has himself gone through half a million in the same time. Head to head sees Barney having won 24 of their 36 fixtures but that wont have much effect on Jackpot – I doubt he even knows the score. I wanted to be with Lewis but having watched the slow methodical Barneveld I think this will play against Adie and against the odds I’m tipping the Dutchman to come through in a match with fireworks

Our bet : 3 units win Barney @ 2-1


phil taylor20.40 Phil Taylor vs Kim Huybrechts. The bad news for the Hurricane is that he has never beaten Taylor in 7 contests, the good news is that he does believe he can beat him. Lets not mess around though. he wont beat him and if odds of 1/7 can ever look generous, they are. Simple facts are there isnt a share on the stock market currently that you could confidently predict would give you a return of 14% in the next year but i can confidently say if you have £100 on Phil Taylor you will make a £14 profit in 2 hours. Now if you did that every day you would become wealthy quickly.

As part of our Six timer Taylor @ 1/7


stephen bunting22.15 Stephen Bunting vs Michael Smith. The clash of the old and the new. The BDO world champion, Bunting vs the Junior World Champion, Smith. Great performance by Smith to come back against Dolan from 2-0 down, problem is, I dont like him. he is talented and he can certainly compete but it might be that his arrogance ctaches up with him tonight. Bunting is cool. I like him a lot. Not explosive, he seems confident without being pushy and he performs under pressure. i think he will come through against his younger opponent, who is destined for stardom.

Our bet : 5 units win Bunting @ 8/13


Our Day 10 six timer :

Wright @ 3/10, Anderson -3.5 sets @ 6/4 and Winstanley @ 11/10, Barney @ 2/1, Taylor @ 1/7 and Bunting @ 8/13 – All prices with Sportingbet