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The NFL season brings about genuine excitement amongst The Betting Agency staff. We simply love Sunday night punting in this brilliant game. There is no doubt Quarter backs rule at this time of the game and it has been a golden few years with Peyton & Eli Manning, Tom Brady and the newest sensation Colin Kaepernik of the 49's. However we have had as much thrill watching no 52 Ray Lewis batter offensive lines (can the Ravens replace him) and the incredibly talented Adrian Peterson run though defensive linebackers like they were standing still. We will find the best bets in the televised games this year so that you can enjoy watching one of the greatest leagues in the world. Get involved - get punting

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Superbowl XL1X

January 31, 2015

Its a paradox, is the NFL. You look forward so much to the Superbowl final to find the best of the best and in doing so that signals the end of the American Football season. As they say – that’s life!

So it’s here. The match up to find who is the best NFL team in America. Is it the NFC team or is it the AFC team. Who would have thought it all those year ago before Superbowl III and Joe Namath’s New York Jets producing one of the great upsets ever that we would crave the winner so greatly. And this match up is one that works on so many levels, just like that game in 1969.

Tom BradyReplace Namath with Brady and you have an idea of the superstar status of the New England Patriots Quarterback – will it be the same result? I said the other day to Russ Wiseman of Sportingbet that there are certain sportsmen that get to the Megastar level. Tiger Woods, Ronaldo, Nadal, Djokovic, Messi, and a few others. Brady is in that elite group. A winner who knows how to win. Bill BelichickBack him up with one of the finest coaches the game has ever known in Bill Belichick and then let the two of them put together a potent offense with an ultra effective defense and you have one of the most successful franchises of the last decade.

So that means they win doesn’t it? Well maybe – maybe not. That’s why its a pick game according to the oddsmakers.

Let’s consider the opposition. The Seattle Seahawks. Bellichick says that Seattle coach, Peter Carrol runs a 1970’s defense – that works. I think what he is trying to say is that he think he is a very talented coach but he know how to beat him.

russell wilsonLet’s consider for a moment that he is right and he can better their defense, here’s the wild card; Russell Wilson. Green Bay produced the best defensive performance of the season and somehow the Seahawks still got the job done. The Packers kept the Beast at bay for nearly 3 quarters and they kept Wilson in the pocket – but then they simply ran out of puff. Wilson found gaps, Lynch found huge holes and space appeared. I really don’t think that up until the end of the third quarter any defense anywhere could have played better and they still couldn’t get the job done. So it’s not about the points Brady can score and he will make it happen with points and lets remember there are people who think Aaronn Rodgers is the best QB in the NFL; no, its about how many points you can stop Seattle from scoring and there-in lies the problem for the Patriots. How do they stop the Seahawks scoring points.

Pete Carroll and his whole outfit believe that no matter how many points you score – we score more and for that reason they win and we are going for the Seahawks.

I think it will be a fabulous game and you need to get involved because you will love it.


Our bet : 11 units win Seattle @ 10-11 to lift the Superbowl with Sportingbet

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